Where are we now

Years have passed and not too many things have happened with mikroPaliskunta -project lately. Paavo reindeer is retired in the attic and sometimes children climb the stairs to visit him. It would be nice to gather together people who’ve been involved in the project and reflect. After all, the themes of mikroPaliskunta haven’t disappeared anywhere. Maybe they are getting even more and more important in the world where European Union is on the edge, global distances are short and at least, I feel that people are getting more and more interested in traditions, urban villages, homing, nearby travelling etc.

What is… what?

I visited a tv-program with reindeer Paavo yesterday. The journalist sent me the questions he was going to ask beforehand, but in the actual broadcast, there wasn’t really any time for the questions. I figured, since I thought the answers trough anyway, I could write them here on our own website. Q: It is a […]

Tulisuudelma in action

Holiday in the Fun Card Land

My first thoughts of what this journey to Vantaa, to Tulisuudelma (Kiss of Fire) event and spending a night in Sokos Hotel Vantaa were, that I would be a tourist visiting a culture I have no experience of and that I had pretty bad expectations. Still, it would be really interesting to see and feel […]

Hotel’s morning sauna

Morning sauna is a staple of Finnish hotel culture, even when only few people go there.


Democracy from mkk on Vimeo. A fuss about election campaign funding started in Finland in spring 2008. It turned out that different types of companies, investors and store chains had supported parties’ candidates campaigns in 2007 parliamentary election. All this type of funds should be reported and this was not done. Basically both of the […]

Travel video

Reindeer’s hotel visit from mkk on Vimeo. Short documentary video about reindeer Paavo’s travel to Vantaa hotel.

Reindeer’s arrival in Vantaa

Reindeer on the road

View Larger Map On Saturday 19th September, Paavo the reindeer and mikroPaliskunta humans walk the walk from historical Helsinki old town to Hotel Vantaa in Vantaa.

News and new expedition

It has been already a while since mikroPaliskunta went to Canary Islands. There have been a little bit of background work going on during the summer: I have tried to find out about our travel agency’s environmental program specifically in the hotel we used in Playa del Ingles. I asked about the actions in real […]